Standard Alarms

We offer the very latest in affordable burglar alarm technology that can be easily upgraded to suit your home or your family’s needs.

Easily upgraded features

We offer the latest in wireless innovation technology that provide you with a number of key features. These include:

  • Hassle-free installation

    Hassle-free installation with minimum disruption to your home

  • Alarm innovation

    We specialise in designing and installing state-of-the-art systems

  • System Maintenance

    We can maintain alarms installed by us or other companies

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Product Specifications

External bell box with siren and flashing light
Internal alarm panel
Passive infrared detectors
Door contacts
Control key fobs
2 year guarantee

The alarm system you choose can be easily extended to incorporate further devices.

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We’ve all the answers for you

Yes! Every alarm system should be maintained. We recommend an annual service to maintain your alarm systems effectiveness

It can take, on average, 45 minutes, but this is dependent on the system you have installed.

​A bells-only alarm system provides extra security and omits a loud noise when activated. A monitored system however sends a signal to an operator who will respond in real-time - 24/7!

​Yes, if you wish to upgrade your current system we can install a monitored system for you and provide the monthly monitoring.

​Our alarm systems are designed to emit a loud noise for 20 minutes and then stop. If however, the alarm system has not been reset, meaning the alarm was turned off by the system's key fob the system will automatically re-alarm if triggered.

We are always happy to help choose the alarm system that is right for you. Give us a call or ask for a quote.

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Everyone knows the light on trick

It’s fair to say that everyone knows about leaving the lights on before going out so it appears that someone is in. But so do intruders! Which is why it’s a good idea to have a security system installed in your property.

We offer a range of security systems for you to choose from, and our team of customer advisors can help you pick the right security solution for your needs.

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