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Access Control Systems

Access control is an important part of home and work security; controlling who can access your property provides you with added confidence, security and peace-of-mind

Our Access Control features

We can install a range of intelligent access control systems for work and home environments.

  • Authorised entry points

    Each system can be tailored to control the flow of people entering a property

  • Restricted access to controlled areas

    Our access control systems range from a single restricted door to multi-door entry points

  • System maintenance

    Our engineers can maintain and upgrade your current system

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Product Specifications

Single or multipoint Access Control Solution
Control Panel/Keypad
Electronic Access Point

We tailor our systems to suit your individual needs

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​Access control is the ability to decide who, when and where someone can enter your premises.

Access control can be used on just one door or all entry points. Installing access control on your main entrance door allows staff to enter without the need for issuing keys and enables you to control who can come gain access to your property.

​We offer two types of solutions, a hands-free system and a biometric reader solution.

Hands-free access control systems allows the system to register a person as they approach the door. The visitor doesn't need to use a fob or a card as the system automatically detects up the presence of a fob or a card in a pocket or inside a vehicle. This is particularly useful for people carrying items or vehicular traffic at gates.

​A biometric reader allows the system to identify a person without the need for a card or fob. This may be using a fingerprint or the iris recognition systems you often see see at airports.

We are always happy to help choose the access control system that is right for you. Give us a call or ask for a quote.

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