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August 25th, 2016

We offer a range of home and business alarm systems, from access control to two-way voice monitoring - in fact, we can proudly state we were one of the first security companies to pioneer two-way voice monitoring in the UK.

Our product range is vast, and so are our services. So, in the spirit of keeping things simple we have produced the following list of products and services that we offer our customers.

Alarm maintenance and servicing:

All alarm systems need regularly servicing, and with us you don't need to have a Securacom system to benefit from our maintenance and annual servicing; we currently carry out annual servicing and maintenance on thousands of systems so let our expertise look after your system. Full details.

Smart intruder alarms:

We offer the very latest in affordable burglar alarms that can be easily upgraded to suit your home or your family’s needs. Plus, our two-way voice monitoring system can monitor for smoke and carbon monoxide - offering enhanced safety and security. Full details


As well as offering two-way voice monitoring you can also benefit from our additional security monitoring services. Full details.

CCTV systems:

We sell and install standard CCTV systems and tailored CCTV solutions to meet your individual security needs. Our CCTV systems are designed to operate in the home and in the workplace, as well as helping to secure multi-site environments. Full details.

Access Control:

We can install a range of access control solutions for homes and businesses. Full details.

Fire systems:

We install and maintain a smart loop fire system, incorporating smoke and heat detectors, manual call points and beacons. Full details.

If you are unsure which security solution is right for you, or you would like further details then talk to us today and request our product portfolio.

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